Road Warrior: Ode to My Dearly Departed Nissan Sentra

Written in loving memory of my late Nissan Sentra.  She was totaled on the return drive from a rare snowy day at the Oregon Coast during the Great Portland Snowstorm of 2014.  Post written February 24th, 2014.  

Today, due to the untimely demise of my beloved Sentra combined with the fact I now drive 50 miles a month instead of 5k for work, I will purchase a big camper’s dream of a truck that can go just about anywhere with enough gas.

But my Nissan, that old girl was the first car I ever purchased new or paid off. She moved me out of 3 different places and in to my first ever “own place” when I was done giving free rides to the many roommates that come with being 20-something in Portland (you know I love you guys :-)).

She has been through 3 travel jobs and countless last minute hauls to “dnissano something fun” and never left me stranded. I have done donuts on the beach, high-centered her on Mt. Ranier, 27-point turned her around after she came to a safe stop at an unexpected landslide in the road, clipped her mirror … twice …. at my favorite Redwoods camping spot and run her alongside a herd of cattle on the dirt roads of rural Colorado.

She took me camping in 9 states and 2 countries and has served as an impromptu motel many, many times when the drive didn’t go quite as planned. She endured an embarrassing amount of weird crap tied to her roof and chirped along at a solid 30-31mpg the whole time.

So goodbye awesome Sentra and thanks for holding up under my extremely high expectations of what a car should be able to do

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